Where is the best place for your Cedar Hot Tub?

  • Decide whether you want your hot tub indoors, on the patio or balcony, on the deck, or outdoors in the garden.
    • Consider the load-bearing capacity if indoors or on a balcony or deck.
    • Ensure you have a solid foundation and level area
  • Match the size of your hot tub to the space you have available - the space should be large enough for:
    • The hot tub with all its accessories,
    • Enough space for the steps and a clearance area in front of the steps,
    • Easy access to the hot tub, getting in and out safely,
    • Maintenance work and cleaning.
    • Make sure you are not near any power lines, obstructions, or anything else that might pose a danger to bathers.
    • Maximise the entertainment space around the hot tub.
  • Consider a space that is safe for a wood-fired hot tub, including the proximity of an electrical outlet, gas lines, etc.
  • Consider property line clearances, overhead power lines, sewerage lines, safely draining the hot tub, and access to water to fill the hot tub.
  • Consider privacy, the direction of the wind and sun, traffic noise, and not obstructing scenic views.

A strong foundation

Creating a strong, solid foundation for your hot tub

Remember, depending on the model, your hot tub can weigh up to 1400kg when filled with water and needs a firm foundation. Add to that the weight of the bathers, and you realise it needs a strong base to support it.
We do not recommend placing your hot tub on grass or bare ground. The following might help you choose the right foundation.

Concrete foundation or floor

  • At least 75 to 100mm thick.
  • Make sure it is almost level. For water runoff, you require a slope of about 2cm per metre.
  • If you are not an DIY expert, get a contractor to cast a concrete foundation for you.

Prefabricated spa pads

  • These pads have interlocking grids, but still need to be laid on a solid base.
  • Compact the soil underneath the spa pads. If on clay, dig out about 300mm, put down a 50-100mm layer of coarse base gravel and fill with river sand.

Paving stones or slabs

There is a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to make the foundation and surrounding area attractive.

  • Excavate a 150mm area and compact the soil (see the advice for spa pads if on clay).
  • Lay about 50mm of coarse base gravel and compact it again.
  • Lay about 25 mm of a dry mixture of sand and cement and compact it again.
  • Now lay the paving stones almost level. For water runoff, a slope of about 2cm per metre. Use a vibrating compactor to level the paving stones and work the dry mixture of sand and cement into the joints.


You will enjoy your hot tub a great deal on your deck, but make sure the deck is strong enough.

  • Consult an expert if you are unsure. One of our qualified engineers can advise you or you can call on a structural engineer if necessary.
  • Support-joists should be a maximum distance of 200mm apart.
  • The decking timber should be strong and without damage.
  • Your hot tub can be recessed or semi-recessed. Make sure there is sufficient clearance underneath for the pump and that you have unobstructed access to change the filters. Ensure sufficient clearance between the hot tub and structural supports.
  • To fit the cover, the rim of the hot tub must extend at least 2” (5.1 cm) above the top of the deck boards.


A hot tub is a wonderful addition to your home gym or entertainment area, especially for hotels and guest houses.

  • The hot tub can be assembled inside the room in most instances.
  • Ensure there is sufficient access (doors, passages, and stairs are wide enough).
  • Ensure the floor is strong enough to bear the weight, especially if it is an upstairs room, or if your house has raised wooden floors.

Before delivery

What else is important before your hot tub is delivered?

Access to the site

  • Make sure the spot you choose has enough free space for installation work and maintenance.
  • To safely and comfortably get in and out of your hot tub, you need enough space for the steps, and at least 1.2m of unobstructed free space in width, about 3m in length, and 2.2m in height.
  • Make sure the route to your hot tub is clear and unobstructed.
  • Ensure your hot tub is far enough from the property line. The building code normally requires at least 1.5m

Stand-alone tub considerations

  • A standalone tub is the easiest option to install, and you may want to integrate your hot tub with the entertainment area or make it the focal point in your garden, so carefully choose the best position.
  • The pump/control unit assembly of a cedar hot tub is located on the side, with an optional custom-made cedar housing. The installation site and foundation should allow extra space for this.
  • Allow space for the stairs and shelves.

Recessed, or semi-recessed into the deck

  • Ensure the deck can bear the load of your hot tub when filled with water and is occupied by the number of bathers for which your tub has been designed (2 – 10 seater.)
  • Consult a deck designer or deck construction handbook to determine the size and positioning of the joists, support posts, and beams.
  • Check that there is sufficient clearance between the support structure and the tub (including the plumbing and electrical fittings) so the fully assembled tub is not in contact with any of the posts, beams or joists.
  • Ensure there is space left for the tub’s rim and cover near the edge of the deck. The tub rim must stick out above the deck, high enough for the cover.
  • If the spa pack and pump are installed under the deck, make sure there is enough working space around the sides and above, to change filters and do maintenance.
  • If the height below the deck is insufficient to replace the filters and do maintenance,
    • an access hole with a secure cover has to be cut in the deck boards or,
    • you can sink a pit below the deck, but ensure there is sufficient access and space for maintenance and changing filters.
  • Cut the deck boards in a smooth circle around the tub before putting the tub in place.
    • Install the deck boards to be cut temporarily, draw the circle or arc and cut the hole.
    • The deck boards can now be removed and installed permanently when the hot tub is in place.

Considerations if the skidpad and pump are fitted in a separate enclosure away from the tub

  • If the skidpad cannot fit below the deck, or if the skidpad needs to be installed away from the hot tub, you need to construct a weatherproof enclosure with a lifting lid.
  • You can purchase a custom-built cedar wood enclosure.
  • Two sizes are available for the different skidpad options, including ones with an auxiliary heater and dual filter.
  • The enclosure boxes are made from 38mm thick clear cedar boards.

Electricity: create a route for the power to reach the hot tub.

  • Decide the route for the power lines, especially if there are buildings or other obstructions in the way.
  • All electrical outlets have to be installed by a licenced electrician, if not, you may be in breach of regulations and your warranty will be voided.
  • Outdoor cabling should be buried at least 6 inches (150 mm) underground and protected from damage by either putting some protective shield over the cable, laying it inside a protective conduit, or by using an armoured cable.
  • The hot tub must be within 1.5m of a suitable weatherproof power outlet, on its own circuit breaker, usually between 30 amp to 60 amp, depending on the size of the pump and heater.

Arrange and prepare for delivery

  • We will deliver your Cedar Hot Tub to your street address free of charge, on a date that suits you.
    • You can book a date and time for delivery.
    • We will confirm the delivery time again the day before, and text you when the van leaves our warehouse in Kendal.
  • Your hot tub will be delivered with care and wrapped in secure protective packaging.
  • Before we arrive, please ensure there is parking and unobstructed access for the entire route to the delivery site.
  • Ensure the hot tub, or installation pack, can get around corners and through narrow openings.
  • If you are doing your own installation, the Hot Tub will be delivered to your premises, but you need to move it to the installation site.

Arrange and prepare for installation

  • You can arrange for us to install your hot tub professionally.
  • It takes about half a day to properly install your hot tub, but filling and testing the tub might take longer.
  • The installation team will assemble the hot tub in the designated spot, install all the parts, connect up the electricity from the hot tub to the power outlet, and fill and test the hot tub.
  • Please note that it is natural for the cedar hot tub to leak for a few days until the wood joints have expanded and sealed completely.
    • Please contact us if it continues to leak after a week.
    • For indoor installation, provision should be made that there will be a small amount of water leaking from the tub in the first few days.
    • If recessed in a deck, this has to be cleared with our installation team before delivery.
    • We do not build decks and will not make any structural changes in the deck to accommodate the hot tub.
    • You need to get a contractor to make any changes, or do them yourself before the hot tub is delivered.
  • You or an authorised person must please be present to sign off that you are satisfied with the hot tub and its installation.
  • The empty hot tub weighs between 300 and 400kg, so even if it is not pre-assembled, the delivery and installation teams must have unobstructed access to the installation site, without difficult corners or impediments like plants, foliage, overhangs, overhead cables, gutters, etc.
  • Remove potted plants and other items along the route. One of the benefits of a cedar hot tub is that it can be brought in through a normal-sized gate or door, so only in exceptional cases, you may have to remove part of your fence or hedge to gain easy access.
  • The hot tub can be assembled on-site, so provided there is sufficient access to bring in and assemble the pack, it can be installed almost anywhere. Only in exceptional circumstances will it be necessary to use specialised equipment to get your hot tub into position, but this must be cleared before the quote is done for installation.
  • If you want to assemble and install your hot tub yourself, please obtain a copy of our assembly guide.

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